PMS be gone and a pep in my step in the bedroom...wink wink. My experience with Abeeco.

I'm a bit excited about  Abeeco but I have to admit that I'd only recently heard about this company but had never actually tried their products.  So when they approached Jay and I to give them a go I was really curious...and I have to say the effect it has had on me the last 3 months is amazing!

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The Power Of A Great Lipstick - National Lipstick Day

A swipe of my favourite shade across my lips can totally and utterly transform my mood. Wearing a bold red likeM.A.C’s Lady Danger makes me feel powerful, my favourite deep nude Velvet Teddy makes me feel put together and my favourite pink toned Kinda Sexy makes me feel all kinds of happy. 

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Tips to help understanding your little ones often confusing stages of learning

Children can be baffling at the best of times. Since the moment they are born we are often left guessing about what they want from us, we think it will get easier when they can talk but when they become verbal it can all be just as confusing as their language struggles to keep up with their busy minds. Sometimes I watch my boys run around the house in disbelief, they seem like crazy little nutters jumping from one activity to another.

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Bay Of Plenty Times Column: Jafas View Of Tauranga

The idea of moving to the Mount first came about about a year and a half ago.

I'll admit, when the topic of conversation first got brought up, tears would roll down my face. It scared the living daylights out of me. We were leading very social lives in Auckland, always out and about.

All my best friends who have been in my life since I started high school where there, and my family.

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Fractured skulls, broken noses and plenty of bloody knees. What we have in our go to first aid kit.

Two very adventurous boys have led to many mishaps in the health and safety department. Let’s see…a fractured skull, broken nose and gash to the forehead have been the worst. But it’s not always massive injuries like that that keep this mum busy and the pharmacy in business. The number of cuts, scratches, scrapes and bruises this little family has had in our 4 years is incredible.

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Health insurance that even covers braces? Why I make health insurance a priority for my family.

Autoimmune diseases and skin & lung cancer - scary words when put down in black and white, right? 

Those are the major health concerns that have affected my family and Jay’s in the past, which of course means they are on the radar for us, and now also our boys. Our tiny, perfect boys that I hope more than anything never have to suffer from either of these conditions.

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My perfectly imperfect blog post - Think Maven Guest Blog

I’ve been sitting on this blog for weeks. Waiting for the “perfect” topic, searching for the “best” books or articles for inspiration, hoping something “clever” delivers. 

**Cue tumbleweed**

Through the frustration, procrastination and judgment, there’s been no action. In search of perfection (which we all know doesn’t actually exist) I haven’t any sooner been able to simply share my simple story about one of the most GAME CHANGING experiences of my life.  

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We Tackle Rotorua

When we moved from Auckland to Mount Maunganui we had a few days where our new house wasn't quite ready. So we figured we would go exploring Rotorua (practically in our new backyard). It was amazing even with drizzly weather and so different to how I remembered it from visiting as a kid...speakig of kids the boys LOVED it too and it's a great family-friendly destination. 

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DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit nice and early this year because we haven’t had any decorations in our house for the last 3 years and the boys are now old enough to fully appreciate Christmas!  They are having so much fun helping me decorate the house and we have even made our own super cute little DIY advent calendars filled with treats! 

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