The Power Of A Great Lipstick - National Lipstick Day

A swipe of my favourite shade across my lips can totally and utterly transform my mood. Wearing a bold red likeM.A.C’s Lady Danger makes me feel powerful, my favourite deep nude Velvet Teddy makes me feel put together and my favourite pink toned Kinda Sexy makes me feel all kinds of happy. 

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Moments In Michael Hill

I was very lucky to be able to pick out some Michael Hill jewellery and what better place to show it off than Bali? I was having a real head band/head scarf moment and since I usually wear my hair down around my face, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase some ear bling! I have very sensitive skin when it comes to metals in my ears, I'm talking infections, pain and all sorts of nasty things; which means I stick to quality over quantity when it comes to earrings.  I, like many, have grown up with the Michael Hill brand. I remember some of the first pieces of "real" jewellery gifted to me were from Michael Hill, the gold/diamond heart pendant my friend all pitched in and gave me for my 16th and more recently the diamond studs Jay bought me for Christmas a few years ago, when he caught me admiring them at a store one day. So when Michael Hill (not THE actual MH, that would be pretty amazing though!) got in touch I was excited as it's a brand I genuinely like and have purchased over the years.

Having a hoop moment at La Laguna during "the golden hour"; lucky I had my BFF with me to take photos as Jay isn't very good at being an "insta husband". I haven't worn hoops in years, but have always loved them. Probably highly influenced by the amount of RnB and Hip Hop I listened to as teenager, all the babes would be wearing hoops in the music videos, I'm looking at you Ashanti, D-Child, Aaliyah and J-Lo. In Bali I was going for a little bit more of a gypsy look than RnB video hoe babe but I can't help it, wearing hoops makes me feel like singing Jenny from the Block!



Jay likes to call me a magpie as I love all things shiny. You know what is really shiny? Diamonds! When I originally chose these earrings they were on sale for 50% off which meant more bang for buck!  I couldn't go past these dainty diamond cluster earrings, that I just knew would be something I kept in my jewellery box forever. It really hard to capture all the detail in them but you can see a close up of them here.



Floating in a pool amongst the treetops, shooting beautiful earrings and wearing a turban felt very glamorous. I'm so lucky to be able to travel, have opportunities to own beautiful things, have amazing people in my life, be healthy, have a loving husband and two healthy children and I don't take any of the aspects of my life for granted. Sometimes I'm doing things like this, other times I'm sitting on the floor surrounded in mess and crying alongside the nuggets after a hard day, but even in moments like that I have to remember All the small beautiful and not so beautiful moments, stack up to one big memorable life!


Foundation Crayon -Say What?!

Foundation, contour and highlighter in a Crayon. Intrigued?  I was. I've heard about Clinique Chubby range over the last few years but I hadn't tried it yet.  It started with tinted lip balms, then blushes and eyeshadow and now a foundation and sculpt range. To say I was excited to try the latter two was an understatement!

I'm all about foundations that smooth your skin tone, are moisturising and look like no makeup, makeup. This Chubby Stick in the Nude Foundation Stick ticks all those boxes.

It's so easy to use, you basically draw the foundation across your face and blend it in with your fingers, sponge or brush. Use it all over or just for spot coverage. I like that it looks like you aren't wearing makeup, perfect for day time but you can build it up to a moderate coverage if needed. It definitely has staying power too, I have worn it the past week and it's still there after a day of chasing children around But if you like to touch up during the day then this is so portable, throw it in your handbag and you are good to go. And no, you don't need a giant sharper as it's a twist up!


I think the free reign of where to apply it may scare people a little bit so here is how I apply it.

  1. Draw an upside down triangle from the top of your nose to a third of the way up your forehead. You can go further if you need more coverage but I usually wear a fringe so don't need a lot of foundation on my forehead.
  2. Draw 2-3 stripes across your cheeks
  3. Draw a line down the ridge of your nose
  4. Mirror the triangle on your forehead on your chin, the right way up this time around.
  5. Blend all the stripes with your fingers or brush in circular motions towards the outer area of your face. You can now add any more to areas that need a bit of help, like redness around the nose etc.

I tried to take a photo of the foundation laid out across my skin for you but the colour is such a good match that the camera wasn't picking it up!

If you are looking to add a little bit more to your look then the Chubby Sculpting Highlighter or Contour stick is just as easy to use. Draw the lines where you want to add depth or highlights and blend. The contour colour looks really dark and scary. When I first saw it I thought I was going to look like I had drawn mud across my face! But trust me, it blends so well, so don't be scared. You really have to build it to get a really dark contour, so it is pretty hard to get it wrong.

The whole Chubby family is all about natural subtle makeup, so you won't get that caked on contour look with these. I apply it under my check bones to get a little bit of depth and occasionally along my jaw line, you can also use it to shape your nose by applying it either side to the bridge of your nose. I like to use the  highlighter on the top of my cheek bones and on my brow bone. It picks up just the right amount of light so your skin looks like it is glowing.

Natural pretty makeup that enhances your beauty versus "covering it". Portable and very simple to use, that's what the Chubby Sticks are all about and they get a big thumbs up from me!

Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick comes in ten shades RRP:$49

Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour (Curvy Contour) RRP: $57

Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight (Hefty Highlight) RRP: $57

What I Want To Adorn My Feet This Winter

Let's keep this short and sweet. These are the shoes I want to adorn my feet this winter, because...well, because they are hot! I'm a big shoe fan, I always say I would rather spend money on shoes over clothes, so it makes sense that shoes are at the top of my winter wish lists.

The Cailin from Mi Piaci $360

These boots are seriously the sexiest things you ever did see. The point is so perfect and the heel really makes the boot stand out. I know they are a plain black boot, but they are the perfect black boot! I also love that these babies are tailored through the ankle. I have big feet (size 10) so boots usually get bigger around the ankle/leg the bigger the size, making my slim ankles look much bigger than they are. I usually favour boots that cut off below the ankle for this reason but these are just so flattering.

Cailin16wTPMM_Black Leather 2

W16_MP_Social_Media_Cailin 2

Montauk Moccasin by La Tribe, $289.90

I love a good moccasin and these suede number are so comfy and easy to throw on with anything. La Tribe is a new kiwi brand and I LIVED in their slides over summer and it seems I will be living in these this winter.


Montauk Moccaisn Black AngleNakita from Tony Bianco $222.96

My friend sent me a link to these boots to get my opinion; she described them as sassy and that was the perfect description! I love the patent leather look and this ice grey is a really beautiful colour. I wear a lot of black and white in winter so a light boot is nice to lift a darker outfit and fits into my monochrome wardrobe perfectly.


Major Leather Sneaker from Mi Piaci $200

Every mum has to have a epic pair or two of sneakers to fit into their "mum wardrobe" and I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. They are the perfect dusty pink, have snake sin detailing and gold hardware! Im a sucker for gold hardware. The kicker, that zip actually works. So no tying up shoe laces, just slip on and off! I'm pretty lazy so anything that makes life easier for me is a win!


Major Leather W_Nude 1Major Leather W_Nude 2

The Fur Slide, Fenty by Rihanna. Available at Good As Gold, Loaded and Puma $120

Rihanna is doing some really cool things with Puma! These slides have converted me, I haven't really bought into the sport slide trend yet but these have done it. Well played Rihanna! Furry, soft, comfy goodness, get on my feet now please. Along with the black they come in white and pink.


Metal Trim Block Boot from Glassons $79.99

I love the silver trim detailing on the block heel of these boots. Simple but not boring! Sometimes you just need something classic with a twist and this pair is just that.


Fleming Boot from Miss Wilson $329

Easy to throw on with any outfit,  with just the right amount of gold detailing to make them a little bit special. I'm a sucker for gold chains and the gold star adds a nice femminine touch to the more masculine shape of the boot.

409 Flemming Boot Tobacco NubuckAlly Over The Knee Boot from Seed $399.90

I love a thigh high boot, warm and can really make an outfit pop. These are actually practical to wear during the day as the heel isn't too high, comfort is very high on my priority list with day time foot wear!


Seed Over the Knee Boots

M.A.C Makeup Parties

I love makeup and I LOVE learning new tricks when it comes to applying it, so I was pretty excited to get invited to be apart of the first ever M.A.C makeup party on Wednesday night. We all know that M.A.C offer a number of makeup services and now the party has arrived! You and your girlfriends can book in for your own party, where you will get your very own M.A.C artist to teach you the tricks of the trade to two feature areas. You could learn to master the smokey eye, contour like a Kardashian, pencil in some banging brows or get the perfect pout.

You need to have a minimum of three people and it is $90 a head, but that is fully redeemable on product. If you're going to splash out on a few new items, you may as well make a party of it right? I think it would be really fun to kick off the night for a hens party, a birthday or just a really good excuse to get the girls together!



You can book your own party now at the below stores:

MAC PRO Britomart, Auckland

MAC Botany, Auckland

MAC Ponsonby, Auckland

MAC Smith & Caughey’s Newmarket, Auckland

MAC Smith & Queen St, Auckland

MAC Farmers, Hamilton

MAC Farmers Queensgate, Lower Hutt

MAC Ballantynes, Christchurch

MAC H&J Smith, Dunedin

All About My Brows

So we all know I have had Alopecia Universalis since I was seven years old - all of my hair including my eyebrows and eyelashes fell out in two weeks. Scary stuff, right?! Growing up, playing with makeup is a normal aspect in every young girl’s life and as soon as I discovered eyeliner I was hooked!  I loved that it gave the illusion of depth, as if I had lashes. I tried penciling my eyebrows too but I could never get them even. Wonky brows are not a good look and the block colour that the pencil would leave looked so fake! I loved that my Freedom Wigs looked so natural that no one could tell I was wearing them; but you could pick the bad brows from a mile away! So I cut a fringe to hide my non-existent brows when I was 14 and wore one ever since then till I got my fancy new eyebrows!

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Hi, I'm Anna

I never thought I would be back the blog world. But here I am, 5 years after shutting my last website, Front Row Diary, down. It was a site I sort of fell into, I had a background in fashion and I was presenting a fashion tv show called The Scene on the now defunct ALT TV here in New Zealand. I loved presenting and interaction with all the people in the fashion industry so the site seemed like a logical step. I didn't love it, I was studying, working full-time in PR, I wasn't passionate about it at the time and that lead to its demise. This time it's different, I'm 2 years into this thing called parenthood to my identical twin boys Oscar & Hunter aka The Reeve Nuggets, married to an amazing man and finally out of that fog that comes with having twins. We share our life through Instagram and I have always been very open an honest about my life with Alopecia (that's a whole other story) so have decided to put it all down in a blog. This time it will be all about my life with Jay, the nuggets and all the things that make us who we are. I hope you enjoy it.

Edt Anna and Jay Reeve-52