Designer Modems, Say What?!

Internet: it’s something that plays a major role in our lives unlike ever before. Especially when you are a blogger, safe to say it’s the most important factor to me getting any type of work done. So what’s the most frustrating factor when it comes to running my site? Wi-Fi connectivity and internet speed issues! Our last home was an ex-state house and like all state houses of yesteryear they are built to last forever, which means they are pretty solid! So solid that in our one storeyed home my internet didn’t work down in my bedroom without putting a Wi-Fi repeater in the hallway. Not ideal, especially since the boys found great pleasure in removing and hiding the repeater from the hall. Our house was 120 square metres; it wasn’t large at all so this is really something I shouldn’t have been dealing with… but I had made the fatal mistake, just like most people out there do, and locked my modem away in a cupboard under our kitchen bench. It never ever crossed my mind that hiding it away would affect the coverage we got from the modem – stupid really. We also had fibre, so once it was in, it was in, no moving it about! With the recent move to our new place, I thought I should look at my options with a new provider. Safe to say that teaming up with a new internet provider has been a match made in heaven because when I heard Orcon was releasing a designer series, I knew they were the company I wanted to work with. Lucky for me it went both ways!

Now, a designer series?! How can internet be designer? Well, those ugly modem boxes we have been hiding away without realising we were screwing with our internet, well they should really be on a bench, not in a cupboard or somewhere tucked away, to reach their full connectivity potential. For someone to wants to put their modem on the bench, it needs to look good. That’s where Orcon’s Designer Series come in! Pretty genius really – not sure why someone didn’t think of this sooner!


Orcon commissioned five artists, Askew One, Flox, Otis Frizzell, Anna Leyland and Andrew J. Steel to create a unique and original design, which was printed onto 500 limited edition modems, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one from Anna Leyland. I actually love it and think it looks great sitting on our kitchen bench. I also had the chance to speak to Anna about her collaboration with Orcon, as I imagined it was one of the more interesting commissions in terms of the type of canvas she has worked on.

You worked as a graphic designer before you were a full-time artist, obviously technology has played a huge part in your working life so this project seems like a natural fit. What were your first thoughts when Orcon approached you for this collaboration?

In the last nine months I've been really privileged to have been offered different opportunities to apply my paintings/artwork to something other than your usual canvas. It seemed like a natural progression in how my work is not only growing, but it’s moving in a new and exciting direction.

 Initially I was just so grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Orcon Designer Series and also just really excited for the challenge! This is the first time placing my artwork on an object and the fact that it was relative to technology - which, as you can see, plays a massive role in my work - it was a natural fit!

Can you tell me a little bit about how your process works for creating your artwork?

When I start a new work, the first thing I do is actually visualise it in my head over a few days/weeks/sleepless nights, so when I'm ready to actually sit down and start planning it I already have a clear visualisation of what it will look like.

The process was no different for 'Perception'. However, the fact that it was being printed on a modem also changed the creative direction slightly as the perfectionist in me (as is quite obvious in my work!) and also from my graphic design perspective, it was so important that the design worked as well on the modem as it did on the canvas.

So this job actually challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone as my work is well-known for having a circular theme, and obviously this wasn't going to work sitting on a rectangular modem! When I finally sat down to start designing my painting on the computer, I hadasked to have a sample blank modem so I could photograph it and also design my mock-up on the modem itself at the same time.

I guess my process is quite possibly a bit different from other artists in the fact that I design my works on the computer first so that I can play with the patterns and try to achieve balance in my painting (and appease my perfectionism). Also, so I can work out the measurements to achieve (as close as I can!) an artwork that is balanced in pattern and colour.

What was the inspiration behind this piece?

All of my paintings tell a story and are either about an issue I want to make people aware of, or they reflect a certain time or stage in my life. When I was initially given this opportunity to work with Orcon, where I knew that my artwork would be going into New Zealand homes, I wanted to create a discussion of 'perception'.

 Perception is defined by "the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses” or "the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted". Everyone has their own perception about people, culture, art and life. I choose to see the beauty in everything around me; in particular, the beautiful mix of cultures we have in Aotearoa and all the different life experiences, talent and inspiration that this brings to one's existence.

My blessings are never lost on me and I am grateful for all that I have; especially being able to create for a living! Perhaps this may invoke others to think about their own.

Orcon Designer Series_Anna Leyland_PerceptiveOrcon Designer Series_Anna Leyland_Perceptive 2

Check out the designer series here.

Keeping those bloody colds at bay!

The nuggets are exactly like me, every turn of season they get colds! Then throughout winter they flip flop between being fine and having a green snotty nose, not exactly ideal! Not even the Nuggets can look cute on Instagram with green snot ooozing from thier handsome little faces. Jokes aside, I want two healthy and happy little men all winter as opposed to two sick clingy nuggets, it's the pits!  I find that if the boys have a sniffle I can usually bring it to a standstill if I attack early enough with some serious doses of Vitamin C. Of course I don't always win this war but its better to win some battles than none at all right?!

Today I was walking down the aisle at my local Countdown and all the kids vitamins caught my attention. It was time for a top up so I checked out all the options. I have a massive habit (not a bad habit to have at all) of reading ingredient lists on the back of items. You obviously want to choose the best option and I find all the pretty packaging can be so distracting, as well as price points. What is it with parents and buying items like this that makes us instantly think "the most expensive item must be the better"? Sure sometimes they are but not all price points and products are created equal! There really is a HUGE difference to what makes up each option. I snap chatted (user name: annareeve1986) a few options and had so many screen shots that I thought this must be a topic you mums are interested in.

Before I start I'll let you know that the RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vit C for children aged 1-8 is 35mg, if you are like me numbers mean nothing to you so here it is in layman's terms. An Orange has about 70mg, a cup of Kale has 80mg and there is 65mg in a Kiwifruit (thanks Julia for giving me this info). Of course its best to get all our vitamins and minerals from food but in winter we need to up the intake so we can stop those bloody runny noses in their tracks!  So here goes, a bit more info on what I found and what I decided to buy for the nuggets.

The Nuggs love the gummy type vitamins versus the chewable tablet. This is also is a win win for me as these gummy vitamins are known to them as treats/lollies/sweets, so easy to fool 2 year olds! They have no idea what they actually are and they have been great bribing tools as of late! I mean seriously what more could you want for in a vitamin, other than a miracle cure of course?


There were only two gummy options, Bioglan and Blackmores. Bioglan was around the $18 mark and came with 60 gummies, but you need to take two a day. My photos are a little shitty but there is 30mg of Vit C and 2.5mg of Zinc. This one is what I was naturally drawn to, all those pretty colours and eye level placement works a charm! IMG_4819

Second option was Blackmores, this was hiding all the way down on the bottom shelf and I almost missed it. 36 gummies for $14.99 and you only need ONE of these a day - bloody bargain! The photo on this one is a little better so you can see all the ingredients below. These has much more Vit C, Zinc plus Vit A & D, which are all really good for our immune system. Winner! These bad boys came home with me and the Nuggets gobbled them up for an after dinner "treat"! I could be telling you all what you already know, but with things like this check the back. It's amazing the difference there are amongst these suckers.



Other things to think about - some of these gummies do have lots sugar in them, so if you are a completely sugar-free household then this isn't going to be for you. We are reasonably sugar free here, the Nuggs go crazy on the stuff and I just can't handle two crazy toddlers! But I obviously don't mind a little bit here and there and this is something that I definitely let it slide on. It's a shame that unlike food products they don't have to list the amounts of sugar on the packaging on these things. On the Bioglan packet it states that it contains sugar but not how much. On the other hand Blackmores states it doesn't have any added artificial sweeteners.  I feel "No added artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners" is a buzz sentence you see on a lot of products these day...would be interesting to know if that meant they had no actual sugar in them too? But I think sugar doesn't fall under the artifical sweetener umbrella?!

The above is just what's available in your supermarkets, but if you go to the chemist or health store there is a whole other realm of Vit C supplements. it literally blows my mind how big that industry is! Ideally I would love the boys to take Vit C in powder or liquid form in a drink or smoothie, but half the time the little buggers wont finish their drink/pour it on the floor/feed it to the I'm not actually sure how much they are getting. I'm a bit of a freak and I like the fact that I know if they eat one of the gummies that they have taken X amount and are keeping those snotty noses away!

What supplements if any do you give to your kids? Is it something you put value in doing? I could write a whole other blog post on other things I use for the Nuggets, but I think I will save that for another time if that's something you lovely lot would like to know more about?


Blackmores saw my post and replied about the sugar content on my Instagram