And this little part of the internet, is a glimpse into my mostly chaotic life that revolves around my identical twin boys, Oscar and Hunter aka The Reeve Nuggets, my husband Jay and trying to keep it all together…and somehow we have done just that.

We survived IVF (ICSI to be precise, shout out to Jays rubbish swimmers for that one), hyperemesis my entire pregnancy, premature birth, then a really REALLY fun 6 months of colic and reflux, cue 2 babies who liked to scream all day long for 6 months!

My previous life, I started modelling when I was 14. I worked in the industry when it was all about edge, I have Alopecia Universalis (full body hair loss) and I worked without my wig 99% of the time. It was my thing! I’m really grateful for this time in my life as it really helped turn me from the shy, timid little girl that I was, to the woman I am today. A lot of what happened in my life and where I am today wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for being scouted by 62 Models while I was at a friend’s birthday all those years ago.

Modelling turned into a presenting job at ALT TV, which turned into running a fashion website called Front Row Diary, all this while I was studying Communications at AUT. I graduated and worked in PR for the next 5 years till I had the twins. Basically I have grown up around the fashion and beauty industry and it is a big part of who I am. So safe to say this blog will have a little bit of everything in it, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and of course my thoughts on parenthood and all our favourite things that has and have made our life with twins just that little bit easier.