A Unique Hair Cut

I wear a Freedom Wig which is custom-made to fit my head, it's pretty amazing and looks like real hair. You would have a hard time picking it as a wig.  I can surf, roller coaster ride or bunny jump and it won't move off my head as it's custom fit means it creates a vacuum when I put it on. They are made hair in NZ and are sent all over the world for others that have Alopecia, it really makes me proud that a kiwi owned and operated company is leading the way in wig technology for those with clinical hairless. Anyway I digress, when it arrives I affectionately call it "Cousin It" as the hair is the same length all the way around. Its' a big job for a hairdresser to cut as it's very different from your average hair cut, it takes a lot of time and can be nerve-racking as once you cut it won't grow back! IMG_8452

It can look "wiggy" if you tie your hair up and see the line where the hair stops at the edge of the wigs cap and my real skin appears. To combat that I cut whispy pieces of hair along the hair-line to mimic those baby hairs everyone has, that way when pull my hair up I can have those pieces down to hide the edge of the cap.

I filmed a little stop motion video of my latest wig cut, as I'm often asked how I go about styling them, Chloe Zara is who I trust to cut my treasured wigs and does a great job. Here is my latest cut, 2 hours into 1 minute. You can see she has to take a long time cutting in the "baby hairs" around the wigs edge.

[wpvideo BUPBIH9C]

All About My Brows

So we all know I have had Alopecia Universalis since I was seven years old - all of my hair including my eyebrows and eyelashes fell out in two weeks. Scary stuff, right?! Growing up, playing with makeup is a normal aspect in every young girl’s life and as soon as I discovered eyeliner I was hooked!  I loved that it gave the illusion of depth, as if I had lashes. I tried penciling my eyebrows too but I could never get them even. Wonky brows are not a good look and the block colour that the pencil would leave looked so fake! I loved that my Freedom Wigs looked so natural that no one could tell I was wearing them; but you could pick the bad brows from a mile away! So I cut a fringe to hide my non-existent brows when I was 14 and wore one ever since then till I got my fancy new eyebrows!

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