Liptensity -The Coolest Inspiration Behind A Collection I have Seen In...Forever.

A lipstick collection designed with a tetrachromat...sounds scientific right?! Well it is, but not in the way you would imagine. What is a tetrachromat?  A variation in a gene means they can see up to 100 million colours! The average person can see 1 million, so this means they see shades between colours we would think are identical. Also the only tetrachromats confirmed through DNA testing have been women, pretty cool! Maureen Seaberg is the tetrachromat behind Liptensity and helped M.A.C make the shades "true" to the shades she sees. 

Which means Liptensity is the most pigmented lipstick yet with "high-frequency tetra chromatic pigments". That means the colour stays true to what you see in the lipstick tube, it doesn't change once applied to your lips as often your own colouring can change how a colour reads on you.

You have to admit, it's the most original inspiration behind a lipstick collection you have probably heard of right? I love it.

Check out all the colours on their site here, some of them have such a slight difference!

Available in 24 shades from the 10th of October with a of RRP $50.