Juice Cleansing with Nomad

A few months ago I was feeling really sluggish, bloated and had a really hard stomach and it was just before my birthday trip to Bali. Who wants to be in togs looking like they are pregnant? No shit the receptionist at the boys swimming lessons looked up as I walked in the door and excitedly claimed "oh you're having another one!" The shear look of horror on my face made her go bright red and profusely apologise as I tried not to shed a tear and "laugh" it off as I walked past her. I bloat badly, especially in moments of excess, like winter. Which isn't really a moment, but an entire season, anyway let's just say I was feeling the bloat. My go to quick fix to help flatten my tummy in the speediest amount of time but also help give my shitty digestive system a break and shove a huge amount of minerals, vitamins and neutron into my body is to juice cleanse.

I've tried a lot of different brands of juice cleanses before and had been looking for an excuse to try it. Not that I need an excuse, I should really do them  few times a year but it just never works out that way. Check out Nomads Instagram, its beautiful and I love the ethos behind the company. They call it "a beautiful reset" and  is a Nutritionist and Naturopath designed cleanse & renewal program.


Basically the The Nomad Cleanse  consists of replacing your normal daily meals with 6 nourishing and cleansing beverages for a 1-3 days. Each drink is a blend of specifically chosen fruit, vegetables, pro biotic’s and super foods and a few have pea protein powder for those with an active lifestyle that need a bit more oomph.

The cleanse is delivered to your door, comes in beautiful glass bottles as Nomad try to be sustainable where possible, the juice is organic where possible, raw and cold pressed. I won't go into the nitty-gritty but that means as much as the good stuff as possible stays in the juice.

p1000630I tried the warrior cleanse as some of the juices have protein powder in them, it was a really busy time for me planning Takes A Village so I needed a little bit extra and I cleansed for 3 days.

Out of all the juice cleanses I have tried these juices were my favourite, they were delicious, every single one of them! I don't usually like the "desert" juices which are nut based but this one was seriously yummy. Next time I'm going to up the ante and give the green cleanse a whirl as it's full of veggies over fruit so low in fructose = optimum cleanse experience.


In the three days I cleansed and gave my poor digestive system a break I dropped 2 kgs and my tummy flatten out significantly - so while weight low wasn't the aim that was a nice bonus before Bali. I wasn;t hungry, in fact quite full from consuming so much liquid and had so much energy. I was surprised I didn't get any headaches which is a common side effect from detoxing, but I don't drink coffee so maybe that helped as my body had one less thing to "wean" from.

Would I do it again? Yes! Would I use Nomad again? Yes!

There is heaps of information on the Nomad website about why juice cleanses are great for us and their philosophy behind it.So check it out here.