The Power Of A Great Lipstick - National Lipstick Day

A swipe of my favourite shade across my lips can totally and utterly transform my mood. Wearing a bold red like M.A.C’s Lady Danger makes me feel powerful, my favourite deep nude Velvet Teddy makes me feel put together and my favourite pink toned Kinda Sexy makes me feel all kinds of happy. 

I have had a long-standing love affair with all things lipstick and I think it stems right back to watching my mother and grandmother apply it when I was small. My grandmother never left the house without her lippy on, and while I do go bare faced often, I know that when I need “something” that lipstick can be the answer for me. 

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about lipstick - there are actual studies into how it positively affects your perception of yourself. So while it may seem a little vain to some to put so much worth into a little tube of colour, it’s totally validated by science. 

My love of M.A.C goes way back to when I first started modelling 17 (?!) years ago. I remember always being fascinated and learning all the tips I could from the likes of Amber D (M.A.C Senior Artist during those years and now Lorde’s personal makeup artist!), while they expertly changed my entire look over many years of editorial and catwalk work. I was even painted in the store window of M.A.C many times, people often mistaking me for a mannequin when it was a bald look. Was rather amusing to stand still for a while and then move and watch people jump with fright whilst walking down Broadway in Newmarket.  So I was so excited to work with M.A.C again on this campaign for National Lipstick Day (yes it’s a thing!). I may be a lot older than back in those early days but I still feel that same buzz of excitement and creativity when working on campaigns like this with people who love the art of makeup. You could say it transports me back all those years to when this type of work was a day to day thing for me. Nothing like reliving your youth for a few hours right. 


I love the bold ombré orange and yellow lip M.A.C Senior Artist, Kiekie Stanners created for me.  If you can’t push the boat out a little with M.A.C then when will you? So Happy National Lipstick Day everyone!  Make sure you rock your favourite shade and spread some lippy joy today.