We Tackle Rotorua

When we moved from Auckland to Mount Maunganui we had a few days where our new house wasn't quite ready. So we figured we would go exploring Rotorua (practically in our new backyard). It was amazing even with drizzly weather and so different to how I remembered it from visiting as a kid...speakig of kids the boys LOVED it too and it's a great family-friendly destination. 

I have been meaning to edit this video together but have learned some major lessons as a wannabe vlogger. Don't lose multiple SD cards in the move (that's half the reason this took so long, I was so sure they would turn up but had to eventually face the facts!) and upgrade so your silly computer won't freeze and crash every time you edit. Big thanks to my friend Brittany who helped out on the end to pull this together!

What is missed from this is all our footage from the duck tours. 2 hours on an amphibian truck, I thought the boys would go insane but we all had the best time and the boys managed to sit still and take it all in for the entire trip. they even got to drive it in one of the lakes. So sad all the footage is gone as it was so cute. 

Anyway, here it is, our amazing time in Rotorua!

See below for list of activities