Netflix Gets The Fingers Typing

I have had a long-standing thing where I research things that have caught my interest after reading or watching about them, now that I'm a big time Netflix watcher, as are the kids, this is happening almost daily! Is it just me?

You are watching The Crown and all of a sudden you have to research every little tid bit that perked your interest in the show - like how naughty really was her sister? I used to do this when I read the Philipa Gregory Tudor book series in high school, spent hours googling their history and all the scandal. The boys watch the remake of the Magic Schoolbus and are loving StoryBots but the result of that is they now are asking all sorts of science question that REALLY gets me delving into the brain/google brain to answer them. What is is with 3.5 being the magic age that ALLLL the questions come tumbling out of their tiny little amazing brains. I feel like I spend a giant chunk of the day answering every tiny little question that pops up in their mind. BUT...I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that they can watch programmes that actually get their ming buzzing instead of turning them into a screen zombie! What are your favourite shows to watch amongst your family on Netflix? We are always lookign for new suggestions.