DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit nice and early this year because we haven’t had any decorations in our house for the last 3 years and the boys are now old enough to fully appreciate Christmas!  They are having so much fun helping me decorate the house and we have even made our own super cute little DIY advent calendars filled with treats!  I got the idea from Pinterest which lead me to this blog and I recreated it and then we went to Warehouse Stationery to pick up our supplies to create these “Christmas Trees” that they can open up to reveal a treat on the days leading up to Christmas.  I love that they will have to use their numbers to figure out what day they can open it and it can sit on the end of our dining table as an added touch of Christmas in the kitchen.  

What you will need

  • Glitter
  • Gold pens
  • Double sided tape
  • 3 different shades of cards
  • Template to be downloaded here 

Print out 24 templates onto your card stock, I used 3 different colours and one gold glitter piece of card for the 24th night. You can size the template into three different sizes in your scale setting of your printer. 

Cut these out and using double sided tape stick the main flap side together, stuff treats inside and then tape "tree" together. Easy peasy! Now repeat 24 times. 

The slick aesthetic side of me wanted to leave the trees as is as they looked so good but the boys wanted to dip the tips in glitter so how could I say no? If you want to do that just cover the top of the tree in glue stick and sprinkle with glitter. Number each box with your gold pen and voila, you are done. 



Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for sponsoring this post.