New Countdown Collection Points - Saving Me From My Least Favourite Chore Since Monday

Picking up your pre packed shopping from Countdown isn't a new thing right?! Well now they have made it slightly easier by adding Click & Collect locations on your direct route home from work. Now I know you wonder why is this of interest to me? My 9-5 24/7 jobs at home with the boys. Well there is five new transport centres where you can pick up your groceries and one of which is the car park Jay parks in for work! Boom! 

Now I love having my shopping delivered as it saves me a trip to the supermarket, which less face it, is a bit of a pain with two toddlers in tow. The downside to having it delivered? Sometimes I'm out and about with the kids so it has to sit around outside and it's always delivered during the day so Jay isn't around to help put it away. I don't know about you but folding laundry and putting away groceries are my LEAST favourite chores.

So now I can send Jay to pick up the groceries from his car park building, which means he carries them in from the car - win! AND he can help me put them all away or I can be "busy" with the boys so he can do it! Winning all round. You now see why I was rather excited about this.

I trialled it on Monday and it worked a treat, the shopping is kept in chillers and Jay said there was a helpful lady their to help you get it.  As I guessed, Jay lugged all the bags in and I helped put away a few before a Nugget was crying for mama so I left him too it. Five minutes later and all my fresh groceries were put away!

So if you are a working mum or have a partner who goes via any of the below transport hubs, then give the service a whirl and hopefully you can get out of the solo job of putting all your groceries away alone too!


To order you log on to Countdown and select your pick up location from the collect section.

Transport centres:

 Albany Bus Station, New Lynn Transport Centre, Orakei Train Station, Matiatia Ferry Terminal (Waiheke Island), Downtown Car Park.