Loving Liquid Assets

When the Liquid Assets range from Elizabeth Arden landed on my door-step I was pretty excited to see it contained a limited edition highlighter. As you may know from my million snap chats about it and blog posts I am a MASSIVE fan of the last highlighter that Elizabeth Arden released. So much so I went and bought a few back ups as it's limited edition and I want it in my make up life for a looooong time! This time the highlighter is liquid rather than a stick and rounds out the collection of liquid lipsticks and eyeliner.


The highlighter is delivered from its glass pottle via a net, so you always get the right amount of liquid on your finger tips for application. Don't worry, the fact that it is liquid doesn't mean that it will move the makeup you place it on top of. It gives a super pretty champagne glow to wherever you place it and it's very easy to use, no brushes needed.

I love Rebecca Restrepo the Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist tips for use  “Beautiful Colour Bold Illuminating Liquid Highlighter works with all skin tones and types and because of its liquid consistency, it can be blended into any makeup. Just a tiny drop mixed in your moisturiser will give skin a soft radiance. For a classic, glowing look apply it to the outside of temples in a C-formation up to the tops of cheekbones. To contour the nose, apply down the center of nose from the eye line to almost the tip. For a pouty, full lip, apply product just above the top of Cupid's bow along the edge of the mouth."

LIMITED EDITION Beautiful Color Bold Illuminating Liquid Highlighter (RRP$49)


The liquid lipstick really surprised me in this collection. I'm usually a lipstick die-hard fan and rarely wear glosses so I thought this may end up in the gloss pile. But while it looks gloossy it really does have a lipstick finish, it leaves a beautiful stain on your lips with just a touch of a gloss finish. I really love the applicator, it looks a little strange at first glance but the click applicator leaves the perfect amount of product on the flocked tip and its shape makes application really precise. It comes in 9 colours and super pigmented.

Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick (RRP$39) Extreme Pink, Daring Beige, Luscious Raspberry, Pink Lover, Lavish Pink, Fiery Red, Fearless Red, Passionate Peach, Seductive Magenta

Last but not least is the eyeliner, I wear liquid eyeliner everyday on my top lid to mimic eyelashes. This is really pigmented, not watery like some liquid liners can get and it has a very fine tip, so perfect for creating that winged look! Plus its waterproof, hello my new go to summer eyeliner!


Beautiful Color Bold Defining 24HR Liquid Eye Liner (RRP$48) Dark Valentine, Gilded Brown, Electric Blue, Mystic Green, Plum Desire