Naughty Nuggets

Sooooo my two gorgeous little Nuggets have been bitten by the naughty Nugget bug and have been getting up to quite  bit of mischief these last few days. I love them dearly but the whole terrible twos stage is definitely ramping up a gear!  So step by step guide to the naughty Nuggets:

They absolutely, fucking demo/destroy their room!

They are 26 months old and still having their day nap, but they occasionally fight it, and when they do, they flick into seek and destroy mode! I tend to ignore it usually as they tire themselves out and go to sleep. It's usually clothes and shoes every where when I go in but this time it was different...I didn't even hear them making that much noise, so didn't think it would be anything too bad. But boy was I wrong, they actually tore apart their drawers! I have NO IDEA how they managed that?!

I captured it all on my snapchat, but if you missed it here is a little video combo covering it all.

[wpvideo jqjjenXH]

How cute is Hunter and his bottom lip trying not to cry when Jay tells him he broke the drawers? Oscar is balling as per usual, he HATES when we tell him off. When he knows he has done something wrong and even if I only say no loudly, he always drops his bottom lip and balls. Apparently I did the same thing as a little one.

Take two. Hunter aka Picasso

We are selling our house so are doing a bit of DIY which includes painting. I was painting windows at the front of the house and Jay had the boys down the back. I told him I was off to the bathroom so figured he would keep them under wraps considering there was paint about. Wrong!!!! I came out to the deck and saw Hunter with a paint brush in hand dipping it into the bucket. Quick scan gf infant of me and no paint on the floor or him, win! Caught him just in time, phew. Wrong! Jay comes up and says "oh did he do that" spin around and behind me is a three splashes of white paint on our house! Shit! It came off but took a bit of scrubbing as it had started to dry. Once again we go the bottom lip and cry response when we said it was naughty.

I'm so lucky it was only this much paint, it could have been a completely different story! Imagine it all over our black deck if he had dropped the bucket!


Three times a charm...Oscar scales the scaffolding

So as I mentioned, we are in DIY mode and are painting all our windows. It's rather high up so we had to hire scaffolding to do it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would be able to climb it. I mean the thing is taller than me when I stretch my arms above my head and I am 5"8.5. It's weird that I didn't think they could get up it, I mean know they are scary strong and are amazing climbers so I should have thought they would take a scaffold sitting in our drive as a challenge. Oscar absolutely took that challenge and dominated it.

I was in the kitchen un packing their bag after pre school; the boys were still outside making their way in after they got out of the car. Our house is fully fenced and they play outside all the time as it's really safe (except when you have a brain fade and forget about a giant scaffold jungle gym in the drive). I heard a banging and went outside to see Oscar wielding a giant hammer sitting on top of the scaffold with his brother half way up to meet him. He somehow had got up their safely, luckily. I was horrified but totally impressed at the same time! This kid has balls! But it could have gone so so so wrong! I'm talking a 3 metre drop to concrete. I have no idea how he scaled the last part, as there is nothing really up there for him to grab on to pull himself up the last bit.

I caught it all on my snapchat so here is a little snippet of the excitement.

[wpvideo 9itN6zwJ]

So there you have it, seems naughty Nugget behaviour comes in threes!