Hi, I'm Anna

I never thought I would be back here...in the blog world. But here I am, 5 years after shutting my last website, Front Row Diary, down. It was a site I sort of fell into, I had a background in fashion and I was presenting a fashion tv show called The Scene on the now defunct ALT TV here in New Zealand. I loved presenting and interaction with all the people in the fashion industry so the site seemed like a logical step. I didn't love it, I was studying, working full-time in PR, I wasn't passionate about it at the time and that lead to its demise. This time it's different, I'm 2 years into this thing called parenthood to my identical twin boys Oscar & Hunter aka The Reeve Nuggets, married to an amazing man and finally out of that fog that comes with having twins. We share our life through Instagram and I have always been very open an honest about my life with Alopecia (that's a whole other story) so have decided to put it all down in a blog. This time it will be all about my life with Jay, the nuggets and all the things that make us who we are. I hope you enjoy it.

Edt Anna and Jay Reeve-52