My perfectly imperfect blog post - Think Maven Guest Blog

I’ve been sitting on this blog for weeks. Waiting for the “perfect” topic, searching for the “best” books or articles for inspiration, hoping something “clever” delivers. 

**Cue tumbleweed**

Through the frustration, procrastination and judgment, there’s been no action. In search of perfection (which we all know doesn’t actually exist) I haven’t any sooner been able to simply share my simple story about one of the most GAME CHANGING experiences of my life.  

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We Tackle Rotorua

When we moved from Auckland to Mount Maunganui we had a few days where our new house wasn't quite ready. So we figured we would go exploring Rotorua (practically in our new backyard). It was amazing even with drizzly weather and so different to how I remembered it from visiting as a kid...speakig of kids the boys LOVED it too and it's a great family-friendly destination. 

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DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit nice and early this year because we haven’t had any decorations in our house for the last 3 years and the boys are now old enough to fully appreciate Christmas!  They are having so much fun helping me decorate the house and we have even made our own super cute little DIY advent calendars filled with treats! 

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