4 Years Of Bliss - A Look Back At The Day I Married My Soul Mate

14th December 2012 - The day I got to marry Jay, my soul mate. Jay and I fell in love hard and fast, I had never experienced anything like it. He was my everything and I was a better person for being with him and vice versa. It's funny how a love like that makes you whole, I can't remember what it's like to be without him my life and everything in it just made more sense with him by my side, he lifts me up, makes me a better version of myself, is my biggest fan and supporter but also helps me be independent and stand on my own two feet.

In honour of our anniversary I thought I would share a visual blog on our wedding, because you know what I'm like, if I start writing it will go on forever as there is just too much to say about the day.

I collaborated with Astrid from PS I Love You events to style and set up the day and her team did an incredible job, even with a few mishaps that were out of all of our control. I couldn't recommend her team enough, so if you are looking for a stylist or wedding planner then check them out.

We got married at St Marys Cathedral Church in Parnell ad had the wedding reception at my dads house. It was brand new, as in it was literally finished being built the day before. It went from an empty site to a house in 6 moths and the schedule was tight! We were lucky to have it all finished in time.

To give you a sick lay of the land, the actual reception was held, wait for it, on dads driveway! Sounds awful but it was totally transformed, when people went to the house after who weren't at the wedding they always had such a hard time imagining it working but somehow it did. Even after the house was built 10 cms in the wrong direction so the fully glassed marquee we had measured and hired didn't fit the space the day before the wedding which called for an emergency fix with a half/half marquee. On the property was a second old villa dad had rented called the cottage, the driveway feed around to that and its super cute courtyard, which we utilised as a lounge "room" with a dessert table and whisky lounge set up, it was the coolest part of the wedding and I have heaps of details shots from it but for some reason the photographers assistant forgot to take an overview picture of, which I am still gutted about to this day as all the guests still talk about that space and how amazing it was. Anyway, look I told you I would ramble so I will stop now and get to the photos.



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My beautiful bridesmaids each had a Juliette Hogan dress in the same colour but of a style of their choice. 



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You can read our wedding story from New Idea here.